Subsea Distribution Products

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We have delivered more than

4,000 km of subsea umbilical control systems

With world-class global manufacturing facilities and industry experience, we meet your complete subsea distribution requirements with optimized solutions.


Our subsea umbilicals provide the critical connections between subsea architecture and distribute power, control, and communication functions in the deepest and harshest of environments.
  • Optimized, cost-effective designs and component selection results in reliable, long-term solutions
  • Adherence to international and customer standards
  • Products designed to support global deepwater applications
  • Complete system availability - topside to the well
  • Extensive experience in pump umbilical and power cable design
  • Most comprehensive global installation, workover, and control systems (IWOCs) umbilical portfolio
  • Design and manufacture of array and export cables for the renewable energy market
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Thermoplastic Umbilical
oceaneering, power umbilical, hybrid umbilical, subsea distribution
oceaneering, IWOCS umbilical, thermoplastic hoses, subsea distribution, work over, control

Steel Tube Umbilicals

Inherently strong solutions for hydraulic control and chemical injection

Thermoplastic Hose Umbilicals

Field-proven, reliable solutions to meet your subsea distribution requirements

Power Umbilicals 

Integrated solutions providing electric power and communications to subsea infrastructure

IWOCS Umbilicals 

Providing temporary hydraulic connections, electrical power/control, and chemical supply

M Series Junction Plates

Multi-line, high-flow, ROV-operable connection solutions
Meet your diverse project requirements with our M Series junction plates with fixed, configurable, and removable assemblies.

The plates enable remotely-connecting subsea structures to support chemical injection by preventing well blockage, supply hydraulic power to open and close subsea mounted valves, and facilitate well annulus pressure monitoring.

  • Populated with appropriately-sized hydraulic couplings to ensure the highest integrity and optimization of functions
  • Operated with conventional API 17D ROV tooling
  • Incorporate an extremely reliable, patented, and pre-threaded latch mating system to deliver a safe, efficient connection solution
  • Product portfolio includes ancillary equipment such as logic caps, marine growth covers, and test and flushing plates

Our junction plates are often included in flying lead systems or on manifolds, subsea X-mas trees, and subsea structures.

Subsea Distribution Units

Project-specific designs for electrical distribution units, hydraulic distribution units, and subsea distribution units meet your challenges for optimized subsea distribution of functions.
Deployed to the seafloor, distribution units are configured to include the hydraulic and electrical interfaces that support your system. From the routine to complex, our engineers deliver the most effective, robust solutions to ensure production and uptime.

Hydraulic Flying Leads

Providing safe and efficient connections between subsea distribution hardware
Connect your subsea infrastructure—from umbilical termination assemblies (UTAs) and manifolds to X-mas trees and subsea distribution units—using our field-proven flying leads. Our flying leads support the safe and efficient conveyance of hydraulic fluid and chemicals.

Combining a primary conduit section—typically steel tubes or thermoplastic hoses—with a termination head weldment and the required ROV-operable junction plate provides full functionality.

  • Modular designs for hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, and hybrid applications
  • Bundled or extruded conduit sections
  • ROV-friendly
  • Extensive track record
  • Solutions for long-term stowage, long-distance transportation, and installation

Subsea Umbilical Termination Assemblies

Using standard parts to deliver customized solutions
Our umbilical termination assemblies (UTAs) are configured using modular components to meet your project requirements for robust, subsea connection solutions.

Your most challenging installation and operational requirements are met with our standardized, configurable designs.

Why modular?

  • Improved schedule through parallel manufacturing
  • Improved access for welding and assembly
  • Supports early completion of load and pressure testing
  • Immediately apply lessons learned and benefit from repeatability of designs
  • Configurable side panels offer hydraulic, electrical, and fiber optic connectivity solutions

We also offer custom-designed UTAs to meet your operational requirements.

Topside Connection Hardware and Ancillary Equipment

Connection systems are not complete without ancillary equipment and topside hardware. From I- and J-tube seals to umbilical weak links, we meet the varied design challenges your systems pose.
tube seals, i tube, j tube, oceaneering, umbilicals, hardware
oceaneering, pull in and hang off systems, umbilicals, hardware
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Umbilical I- and
J-Tube Seals

Pull-In and Hang
Off Systems

Subsea Umbilical Termination Interfaces

umbilical hardware, oceaneering, tie down collar
umbilical weak link, umbilical hardware, oceaneering

Umbilical Tie Back or Tie Down Collars

Subsea Umbilical
Weak Links

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